If I am going to take 20 mg pill of sildenafil generic is it going to work this instant?

No, actually sildenafil generic is going to work within 30 minutes, or couple of hours tops. Remember that it usually does not cause an erection on its own, because you have to be stimulated sexually in order to get a proper erection for sure.

Can I take sildenafil with other drugs, right now I am taking pain relievers because I am recovering from the surgery?

It will be better to consult your doctor and tell him about these pills that you are going to take. Usually, you can not mix sildenafil with other drugs and especially with alcohol in order not to get heartaches, heart pains, and stomach aches at all.

For over a year I did not have sex at all, my girlfriend dumped me due to the reason that I had ED can I take sildenafil?

You can take sildenafil only if you are healthy; it is better to try 20 mg pills instead 50 mg ones. Do not think that your erection is going to appear out of nowhere. You have to be excited and get in the mood to perform well during sexual intercourse.

What should I know about any side-effects at all about sildenafil? I recently have taken viagra and I got headaches is it possible for me to get an erection without experience pain?

By all means, you should know that after taking sildenafil you can get chest pains, but you will be able to avoid all these side-effects if you are careful. Do not ever mix sildenafil with alcohol, try to avoid eating junk food and even stop smoking for a while. It is excellent if you take sildenafil whenever it necessary but never mix sildenafil with other drugs like viagra.

100 mg Viagra pill was not working for me, is it possible that sildenafil will help me to get rid of ED?

You have to talk to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that this drug will not harm your health. Take sildenafil in a reasonable amount. Usually, men who are aging take about 20 mg of sildenafil per day. Try avoiding severe bad habits in order not to damage your health; it will entirely harm your health, for sure. Try to eat healthy all the time and eat more fresh fruits. This way your ED will disappear, and consequently, you will manage you improve your health and erection every time you desire.

Is my erectile dysfunction caused by my severe smoking of cigarettes and heavy drinking?

Various bad habits can lead to health damage; you can quickly experience ED if you are not living a healthy life. When you are going, you can suffer vision loss, weight gaining, and other health problems. To avoid future problems with erection and never be anxious about your male enhancement, you can try sildenafil.

I am getting older I, therefore, my erection is not as strong as it used to be, can sildenafil bring my erection back and make me feel like real men again?

Yes, it totally can help you to get an erection very quickly. Our sildenafil generic flows your blood direction to the penis so your erection sustains for longer. While taking sildenafil be careful with mixing it with pain relievers and pills for headaches.

I am going to split the pill of 100 mg sildenafil generic in order to take a smaller dosage, is it possible for us to do so?

Never split the pill of generic sildenafil especially when you have some heart problems. In this tablet, all the ingredients are equal but at the same time when you are splitting the pill are not getting enough ingredients and this medicine will not bring you any erection at all.