All the chemical and even physiological body processes occur under the work of hormones. These biologically active components are divided into male and female ones. But in the blood of ladies there is a small concentration of testosterone, and in guys – estrogen. What is the female hormones function in guys? And what are the indications of their overabundance?

The main hormone

In the body of a guy, a huge concentration of testosterone is created.

This is a sex component responsible for masculine symptoms, namely:

  • the structure of the body with broad shoulders and narrow hips;
  • hair on a back and limbs;
  • rough features;
  • low voice timbre;
  • desire and opportunity to have sexual intercourse.

What happens if hormone level falls?

Specialists respond that the negative consequences for guys are not limited just by changing appearance and frustration of potency. The mentalWhat are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men! state will also suffer: apathy, depressive thoughts will appear. But still taking testosterone in tabs and using in drops is extremely dangerous. Only doctors after evaluating the test results may give a recommendation and calculate in what dosage it is necessary to drink a synthetic male hormone.

Normally, guys always own not a huge amount of female hormones (oxytocin, prolactin, progesterone). Their role in the body of a lady is operation the growth of mammary glands, pregnancy maintenance, high libido level. And in a guy they perform other functions. Because the strong sex does not have ovaries, oxytocin and other hormones are created in the adrenal glands, fat cells, and pituitary gland. What is their impact? And whether it is necessary to use them in tableted form or to drink in the form of infusion?

The negative influence of hormone overabundance

There are many drugs which task is to provoke the creation of female hormones, as well as having in their composition a synthetic version of biologically active substances. They restore the correct ratio of the hormonal background, prevent the emergence of many dangerous pathological conditions. However, self-using drugs on their basis is undesirable.

What are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men!

If a guy takes hormonal drugs without prescribing a medical representative, this may easily affect his own appearance and even health. The surplus of each hormone leads to different pathological processes. And, if one pill is taken by accident, nothing dangerous will happen, but long-term using of such medicaments often causes an irreversible reaction.

But taking this medicamentWhat are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men! yourself is dangerous for your health. Of course, there is no chance of becoming a lady after taking several pills. But if you take the medicament packages, there will be signs of changing the body according to the female type. Drinking hormonal means a guy becomes obese, puffy, feminine. Other symptoms include mood changes, irritability, and touchiness.

Influence of an overabundance of different hormones

1. Uncontrolled intake of progesterone inhibits the creation of the male sex hormone. After several months of regular use of such drugs, the symptoms of this process become apparent. This is expressed in the accumulation of fat on the abdomen, back, thighs. To the psychological signs may be surely attributed irritability, resentment, the gradual development of intimate indifference to the opposite sex.

What are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men!2. A guy taking estrogen alone, also risks his health and appearance. Indications of excess of this substance are visible to the naked eye. So, his body loses normal proportions, becomes pear-shaped because of the fat accumulated on his hips. If you drink medicaments with estrogen for really long time, the hair on your face and chest become less frequent. In addition, the potency and libido is hugely reduced. A guy, using drugs with estrogen for a long time, often notices even an increase in breast metabolism. At the first appearance of such signs of illness a person should immediately stop taking these female hormones and turn to a specialist for restoring health.

3. If you take long tabs with prolactin, a hyperprolactinemia may be provoked. Its symptoms are similar to signs of an overabundance of other hormones: weakening of potency and libido, fat mass increase, weakness of muscle tissue.

What are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men!
What are the negative consequences of taking female hormones by men!